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If someone asked you for proof of your expertise, what would you show them? Awards, perhaps? Maybe testimonials?

I show RESULTS. I’ve written a book on SEO that was listed by Amazon in the TOP 3 of Hot New Releases ( any idea how TOUGH that is? I DID it ). I screen shot my clients rankings and they are on the first pages of the search engines.

I show and tell groups how they can use SEO/Social Media to improve their rankings or show them online tools to increase their ROI ( Return Of Investment ) or save time to do their own work.
I lead a business group in Dallas that is a referral network.

My LinkedIn profile is in the TOP 10% of most viewed profiles on LinkedIn. My Social Media status is in the TOP 10%. I’m informative, funny, glib, poignant, understanding but most of all, I am a giver. I LOVE to speak and I LOVE to help out. Let me speak to your group and let me make you a hero. Contact me at 214-699-6952 or email me at

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