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Coaching For SEO/Social Media/Marketing/Book Writing

Coaching For SEO/Social Media/Marketing/Book Writing

You want to know about Social Media? I’ll teach you time saving methods to post on your Social Media sites and it may take you, tops, 15 minutes and give your business authority online which will give you more visibility which will increase your bottom line! And for those wags that thinks it has to do with Hootsuite, you are already way behind and you DON’T know what you are doing.

Want to be taught about SEO? I’ll show you why your website or your business is not being found. I’ll show you why you are losing money with your current SEO person ( brutal, I know ) and I will teach you how to fix the problem. I’ll teach you techniques and tools you can use yourself and I will make it so easy for you to understand without any mumbo jumbo double speak.

Want to be an author and become an authority? Why should you? Because if you have a business, you become an instant authority in your field if you write a book (and it’s easier than you think)
If you are just trying to be an author and want to get published and make your voice heard, I’ll help you get your novel off the ground whether you started it or not. Either way, I’ll show you marketing techniques you probably won’t find anywhere else and you will ROCK IT.

I will give you so MANY ways to help yourself using online tools that covers so many things that your current marketing person doesn’t know a thing about that it’s frightening they DON’T know.

I teach classes, in writing and marketing, social media, seo and online tools. I work privately and with groups.

Please contact me NOW at 214-699-6952 or at
Thanks! I would LOVE to help YOU out!

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